Willem Louw Motorcycle Instructor Health and Safety disinfected sealed earpiece

Let's control our risk when we train

1.   We one only train one to one 

2. If you showed, shown or are showing symptoms of cold (Corona Virus included ) we don't train period 

3.  We only train outside

4.  We will always stay 2 meters apart.

5.  You will always use your own helmet and gloves. 

6.  We will agree to your training in writing. 

7. Bike handlebars and contact points will be disinfected before and after you train and ride.

8. Bike radios, earpieces and high viz will disinfected before and after every session  

9 Certain items to be sealed in plastic bags for trainee to open  

10. We manage our risk together and we stay alert. 

*Subject to further terms and conditions.