• Why train One to One?
​Everything we do revolves on developing you to be the best, safest rider you can be. Your needs, your safety, you ​are having fun, your progression has 100% of my attention. You are not just one in the crowd. That is why we train one to one. Also, these are special times. Can you really do this in a group safely? I think not! I train you personally.

  • Why use the Best Bikes including spectacular KTM 790 Duke
You need the best tools for the motorcycle training job. Training on some old "rat bike" just will not do. You cannot cut steak with a butter knife. To make you a safe, fun, progressive rider we only use the best. Honda CBF650F, KTM 690 Duke 

  • Why Tailored Motorcycle training? ​​
You are an individual with your own needs for motorcycle training and I can fit my teaching around your specific needs. This is not possible in a group of two or event four. The truth is you will get 50% or 25 % of the instructor’s attention. With me you are on my mind 100% of your riding time.
  • Why Weekend Sessions? 
You work and or own a business and your time is valuable. I know this and I will help you on days that suit you to get that license.  
  • Why so Friendly Willem? ​​ 
Well that is just who I am. I love laughing and it is great if we can do it together. It makes motorcycle training fun. It makes learning motorcycle easy. It costs nothing and it works.
  • Why are you the professional?  
I am a rider just like you but I have passed my IAM advanced test, I have passed the ROSPA advanced test.  

I have passed the Enhanced Rider Scheme theory test. 

I have a diploma in advanced riding instruction from ROSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents)

 I have been a member of all of them. 

I  am best qualified to help you learn how to ride.


I am a DVSA Instructor and a member of the DIA (Driving Instructor Association). You can say I have been there and done that. I can take all the good and remove all the bad and give you pure distilled motorcycle knowledge right from the start. I have many strings to my bow including in depth knowledge of Road Traffic Law. 

  • Why after hour sessions available? 
When we have lovely sunshine like now, we can use it. You do not have to take time away from your business or work to learn to ride a bike. I will work around your commitments to help you learn to ride a motorcycle. 
  • Why Published Prices?
 When we have lovely sunshine like now, we can use it. You do not have to take time away from your business or work to learn to ride a bike. I will work around your commitments to help you learn to ride a motorcycle. 
Get Duked Willem Louw Motorcycle Instructor

"Fantastic Instructor, very good style of teaching. Calm and explains everything very well. Really enjoyed this learning experience and Willem has helped my confidence" Dominic May 2020

Willem Louw KTM 790 Duke Training Bike
Willem Louw Advanced Motorcycle Instructor

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Deals and Specials

I am here to guide you through getting your Bike Licence

Getting a bike license and being tested can be stressful. I will help you get your bike license in the most pleasant way.

I will help you design the plan to get you on a motorcycle now - Summer.

One to one training will make your feel safe and enjoy your Motorcycle Adventure.


What is a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)? 

It is basic training to help you ride a small motorcycle of up 125cc on the road without a pillion

(passenger) with L-Plates for a period of two years. It's usually the start to your motorcycling journey. 


Your motorcycle training will start from my training area is at 

Robin Hood Airport and and you will also be riding from Rotherham

Why at Robin Hood Airport?

The area has new roads, new roundabouts and most important not a lot of traffic.

Brilliant area to get on the road on a motorcycle for the first time. In 3 square miles. You will learn to stop at a stop sign, turn first, second, third and fourth junction at roundabouts. Move from one lane to another. Turn right from a major to a minor road, dealt with traffic lights, get up to national speed on straight road and all with little traffic

You will be learning to ride in a relaxed and fun way.


You will get top-quality motorcycle training and bike lessons. 

What customers say "... Just a quick note to say thank you for helping me gain my full motorcycle license (including a Mod 1 with NO faults! Awesome!). I cannot praise your attitude and patience highly enough. You made learning fun, which made it a lot easier. You taught me not just how to pass my test, but how to ride a motorbike safely in the future. Your words will always be with me when I’m on two wheels. Thanks again buddy..." Darren

I will help you become the you best rider you can be.

Riding a motorbike is fun, it's a thrill, it's exiting and I will help you become one of the safest and smoothest riders on the road in the shortest possible time. All your motorcycle training is made to fit around you. Together we can shape your rider course and bike lessons around you.

"Learning to ride with Willem was riding made easy; everything was broken down into simple sequences that quickly become routine, and learning to ride goes from scary to completely stress free after only a couple of hours.

I never expected to be so calm on test day but I wasn't one bit nervous, because I knew that Willem had taught me to ride even beyond what is expected for direct access." Ryan 

" I support local business and ethical business in Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham" 

Willem Louw - Motorcycle Guru